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Property Enhancement Service


01 about

My name is Rachel & property has been my passion since owning my first home, 25 years ago. 

One thing that has never ceased to amaze me, having bought & sold many properties, is how many people do not present their largest asset to its maximum potential, be it to rent or sell.

It's a small investment, that is normally recovered ten times over,

I can help you to maximise the sale or rental value of your property & minimise the time it is on the market by staging your property at it's best.

Just contact me to request a free consultation at your property. Once I have walked the property, I will advise you as to whether I am able to help & we can then arrange for me to return to do a more in depth survey. If I can help, I will compose a comprehensive report of my findings, as well as suggested improvements for a fee that is affordable to everyone based on the value of the property. I believe this is a fair way to offer everyone the service.

I can then assist as much or as little as you would like from there. If you wish to organise the advised improvements yourself, that's fine but if you have little time to oversee this & would prefer me to manage it, that's fine too. 


02 report & fee structure

My initial consultation at your home is free of charge. I will spend up to 30 minutes assessing whether there is an opportunity to add value. If there is, I will take some basic information & answer any questions you may have but you must be the owner of the property.

We can then arrange a suitable date for my return visit, where I will spend longer (depending on the size of the property) gathering the necessary information in order to go away & compile my report. The report is very thorough & easy to understand but does take a considerable amount of time to finalise. I will endeavour to email the report to you within 2 days & I will notify you when it is ready to be purchased via my website.


The Property Enhancement Report will include a plethora of information such as:

  • suggested improvements to all areas of your property including the grounds.

  • photos of the problem areas with comparison information. 

  • links to ideas & products.

  • Tips on upcycling & how to make real savings on staging your property.

  • suggested possible amendments to the Sales/Rental Particulars of your home, as well as additional marketing ideas.

  • A fee for managing the 'project' of carrying out suggested enhancements, should you wish.


Property Enhancement Report Fee Structure:

Property Values of £100,000 - £300,000 - £150 fee

Property Values of £301,000 - £450,000 - £200 fee

Property Values of £451,000 - £600,000 - £250 fee

Property Values of £601,000 - £850,000 - £300 fee

Property Values of £851,000 & Over - POA

I can also offer this particular service virtually, for a smaller fee:

Property Values of £100,000 - £300,000 - £100 fee

Property Values of £301,000 - £450,000 - £150 fee

Property Values of £451,000 - £600,000 - £200 fee

Property Values of £601,000 - £850,000 - £250 fee

Property Values of £851,000 & Over - POA

This may suit some people better & involves you simply emailing a video to me  of you walking through your property as a potential viewer - it's easy, you can do it on your 'phone! 

Obviously, this is not as informative to me as visiting in person, hence the smaller fee but provided the video is thorough & viable, this method can be very effective.


03 clients

I am available to counsel on maximising the potential charm of your property, whether you wish to sell, rent out or stay in your property. 

Sell - Sometimes, if you have lived in your home for a while, it's difficult to be objective or see conceivable areas for improvement. It's also often quite challenging to de-personalise your home to create a more neutral appeal.

Rent - If you have recently purchased a property in order to invest in the rental market, its not a given that you will automatically know how to stage it, renovate it or just refresh it, so that it appeals to a tenant quickly.

Stay - There is also the possibility that you have tired of your home & feel the only option is to move - this is frequently, so easily fixed by being shown the joy that some enhancements can make. It's quite common to make some long overdue changes with the view to sell, only to find its now the last thing you want to do as you've fallen in love, all over again with your home!


04 other services


This can be a contentious & emotional issue in a lot of homes but luckily, I love it! 

We are all guilty of collecting copious possessions & keeping them 'forever', even if we no longer use them. Or we may use them but only sporadically & need a more organised system of storing such items.

Do you walk into a room & walk straight out again as the 'decluttering fairy' has not been yet?!

Decluttering is a huge subject, so regardless of whether you are moving home, having a life clear out, dealing with the probate of a loved one or reorganising a specific room - I can help motivate & advise you or complete the task personally.

I also offer a free consultation for this service, so that we can discuss the level of assistance required. We can then agree a plan from there. It doesn't matter if you are a Landlord, Homeowner or Tenant, if you are overwhelmed by the 'clutter', I can assure you I won't be. I'll turn that mountain into a molehill in no time!

My standard rate for this is then £30 per hour but a more bespoke quote may be offered once I know the scale of the operation!

Property Styling

If you have decided that after some serious thought, you would actually like to stay where you are & spend a small portion of what you had allocated to 'moving costs' in order to make your home feel 'new' again, I can help with that too.

The Property Styling service I offer is not a traditional Interior Design service. I am more focused toward advice, direction, ideas & making it happen!

'A change is as good as a rest' (or a move in this case!) so if you want a bit of a home makeover, I'll help you to decide which areas to start with & how. I can do mood boards, magazines, swatches or samples - I'm easy; the important thing is that you feel happy, excited & fulfilled in your 'new home'.

This works in a similar way to my Property Enhancement service - I'll come to your home for a free consultation & we can discuss your vision or wish list. I will then then return at date to suit you with a more comprehensive plan. 


05 contact

If you have found yourself intrigued by any of the above ideas, please contact me to arrange a free consultation - what do you have to lose?!

Tel: 07584 577682

Property Enhancement in Sussex